Weshin Inspection Tech Co., Ltd (Weshin) was established in 2020. The inspection team consist of talented, professional and experienced members and management team consist of medical and legal experts. We aim for providing professional and accurate inspection services in an efficient and rigorous manner.

Weshin is equipped with advanced equipments; for instance spectrophotometer and high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC). By utilizing these two equipments, the concentration and composition of chemicals including pure compounds or mixtures can be defined. 

Weshin mainly provide inspection and research services for chemicals, medicines, cosmetics and medical appliances. By our toxicity test, the safety of your products will be defined. In addition to the competitiveness of products will be improved, the earth and the people will possess a better and safer environment.

Excepting for animals studies and chemical analysis, molecular biology studies can also be performed by us.  We provide a variety of inspection services in professional, precise, and impartial manners. If you have any  commission  mentioned above, please contact us, we are confident to give you the fullest satisfaction.